About Us

My Break Style

          To provide the best value to those buying into a break, I focus on opening whole cases of products. That way, we can get case hits and hunt down those elusive 1/1s!  I will still offer other breaks in the form of mixers were there will be a variety of products

          My primary method of breaking will be through random teams. They will be assigned through a dice roll and using random.org for both team and spot owner.

          Other break methods will likely be introduced at a later date.

          If a card has multiple players, the random.org will determine who gets the card unless someone owns more than 50% of players on the card.

          If a card doesn’t show a designated team then it will go to the team who the player had the most seasons with.

My Focus

          At Nightcap Cards my primary focus is to have a good time, open lots of packs, and get great hits. Here are some details to ensure that happens:

          Privacy – Break spots will posted during the live stream with first name and last initial unless you indicate to me directly that you want something else. If more than one person has the same name then I of course need something to differentiate between them.

          Going Hitless – It is possible that during a break you don’t get any cards. There are risks associated with breaks and this is the primary one. Please understand the break before purchasing a spot.

          Refunds – All Sales are final. If you request a refund 24 hours before the break, you will be given break credit towards a future break. If a break doesn’t fill, I will do my best to fill it during the live stream. Some breaks will have a requirement of filled spots before I break them live. So, breaks may carry over to the following week if the requirement isn't met even if you purchased a spot. 

          Payments – All payments must be made directly through the website (nightcapcards.com). I accept PayPal.

          Where to Watch – All breaks are live on YouTube, Saturdays at 8pm Central. The breaks are recorded and posted in case you have a spot and miss the live break. The live break is where all the fun happens! Participation is encouraged. You can ask me mostly anything and also chat amongst the other viewers. Please keep the chat respectful.

          Shipping – I will do all my shipping on either Monday or Tuesday. No matter how many breaks or spots you purchase, everything will be shipped in one package. All standard USPS shipping is free unless something special is requested. If that is the case, please contact me. All hits (autos, relics, short prints, numbered cards) are penny sleeved and top loaded. All base cards ship in team bags. Monster hits will be put in one-touch cases. Everything will ship in bubble mailer or boxes. One last note: I am not responsible for lost packages. Everything ships with tracking. You will need to work with USPS.

         General Questions – I am always available for questions at nightcapcards@gmail.com and through Instagram and Twitter (nightcapcards).